Dec 12, 2015

Brighten and Renew Chamomile Rose Face Mask

Lately, my go-to mask is the Brighten and Renew Chamomile Rose Face Mask by Holistic Apothecary.

The name Brighten and Renew suits well. I tend to reach for this when my skin looks tired and dull from things such as stress, the environment, my health, or when I've been slacking with skin care. Every time I use this mask it's calming and refreshing.

One of the appeals of Holistic Apothecary is the packaging. They're pretty to have on the counter and sometimes using something that looks nice gives this effect of feeling more positive and grounded. If this is your kind of aesthetic, then you understand what I mean. 
The powder mask itself is also very pretty. It's like a greige pink and when mixed with water it turns into a medium dusty red pink with little tiny bits of red pieces. This item also comes with a small silver teaspoon to scoop out and measure the powder.

Somewhat sweet, flowery, and warm. It's not overpowering but it may be a bit bold in powder form, so don't take a huge inhale. Plus, it's clay powder, don't want that going up your nose lol.

One use is 1/2 a teaspoon. That little bit is enough and covers the entire face. For nearly two months I've used this once to three times a week as a mask but I've only used up half of it. I'm super happy with how much use I'm getting out of this for $12.95USD.
This can be used as a daily cleansing grain as well, but I like products that can last me awhile.

Consistency + Texture
It's a fine powder with a little bit of grain. It can also be used as a cleansing grain that provides gentle exfoliation. When mixed with water it turns into a paste. 

When I first tried this out, I thought I wasn't washing off the mask well enough cause my skin had this particular velvety texture. Turns out it's the moisture provided by the mask. I love how it hydrates without making me oily.
Experience + Results
The reason why I'm reviewing lots of skin care lately is cause I'm looking for natural products that will balance and not irritate my combination skin. At this time, the texture of my skin isn't the best and it's not the clearest. However, when using this mask I do see these differences:
  • the texture of my skin looks more even and smooth
  • my face looks brighter and healthier
  • my skin feels firmer and lifted but not tight
  • doesn't strip moisture from my skin
  • balances oiliness and dryness
  • smaller pores and clearer skin

As I've said in other reviews, it's not a miracle turn around. These are basically temporary because of the kind of skin I have and because I'm still experimenting with different products. But this is a mask that helps clean deeper without drying out my skin or making me produce more oil, and it gives nourishment to my tired skin. 
I wanted to share these unedited pictures. You probably can't see too much of a difference, but I wanted to show a real before and after anyways. The current editing app I'm using, due to my computer being broken, really takes down the quality of my pictures :[ Otherwise, you'd see that my skin is a bit more clear and even. These were taken right after I washed the mask off, but usually I put moisturizer on immediately since my skin dries out fast.
Here's another before and after. My forehead is both oily and dehydrated and I have issues with pores and fine lines there as well. Though the pic quality is low, you can still see that I'm less shiny without being dried out and the lines and pores are less defined.

This is a gentle face mask so unless you're allergic to something in the ingredients I feel like there's no going wrong with it! I think I'm gonna use the rest of it as a cleansing grains and make a review for that when I'm done :]

5 out of 5!

Thank you for reading!
Drink some water, take a breath, and take care!
Lorina xoxo

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