Dec 10, 2015

Calendula and Chamomile Face Cream for Dry Skin + Rose Water Toner for Hydration

As I venture into natural skin care, I've been looking to balance out my dehydrated oily skin and dry skin. So far I've found that my skin is best treated with separate products. It's extra work and money, but if that's what it takes then that's what I'll do. (All my combo skin people out there understand the struggle T 0T)
Here I have the Calendula and Chamomile Calming and Healing Gentle Face Cream by Holistic Apothecary. On Etsy they are HolisticOrganics. Let me list the points that I've noted while using this product.

Works really well for dry skin!
Getting to the main point, it does work! I wouldn't consider myself to have slightly dry skin or horridly dry skin. I'm somewhere in the middle where it's a big enough problem to buy a separate moisturizer for but not something medicated.
If I skip one day of cleansing and moisturizing my face, the skin starts drying out and flaking. Hell, sometimes even if I don't skip, depending on the environment, how much water I'm drinking, and the balance of products I use on my face, it can still start flaking. Albiet, it's in small patches, it's a problem cause it can lead to painful, crackly skin without care.

This cream hydrates and moisturizes to where I'm comfortable. I can smile and talk without my skin causing me pain from tightness or cracking and it lasts all day. This is definitely for people with very dry skin issues cause on areas of my face where it's dehydrated but can get oily, it can look a little shiny for awhile before it completely soaks in.

It's a thick cream. You won't see this running but it's easy to spread. There aren't any little bits in it, it's completely smooth and it doesn't sit on top of the skin, it absorbs into it. 

My cheeks and temples are the driest areas that I concentrate on. I take a chickpea size of this cream, spread it between my fingers and lightly dab and press into those areas. This works better than swiping because it soaks into the skin better and it keeps you from pulling on your skin. 

This was the only downfall that nearly made me stop using it as I have a sensitive nose. I'm unfamiliar to the scent so I don't know what it is but it reminds me of all natural herbal vitamins. Thankfully, I use it away from my nose and have continued to use this up since it works well. I'll take a bad smell for a minute over dry skin.
When the product was new, the smell was strong and lingered for awhile but now that I'm half way done, it lasts a minute or so. 

Worth the price!
Not that I'd ever want to pick between oily or dry skin, but comfort-wise, I'd take the annoying oily skin over painful dry skin. For a 1oz jar, it's $9.95USD, and for me it's lasting long. I only have specific areas I need it for instead of my whole face.

Though I'm not a fan of the smell, I'm giving this a 5 out of 5 for effectiveness. It does what it's described to do!

5 out of 5!

Toner is a recent addition to my skin care. I've read many articles and product descriptions telling me how important it is. While I wasn't convinced, I wanted to try it for the health of my skin.

Pictured here is the Organic Rose Water Facial Toner. I've also used the Organic Rose Water and Vegetable Glycerin Facial Toner, wanting to see the difference the vegetable glycerin made.

Experience + Results
I now prefer having toner as a part of my skin care. I wouldn't be desperate without it, but it does help. My skin does look smoother with it and the pores look smaller too. It's not dramatic, but for me, it's noticeable. I really try to take a good hard look in the mirror when reviewing skin products. 
I've also noticed it gives me that extra boost of moisture my skin needs. Even as the day goes by if I feel a little dry, I spritz this on and I feel comfortable again when it dries. Though I still haven't truly balanced out my oily skin. I'm still trying to figure it out with different products and stuff x .x'

Vegetable Glycerin vs None
The rose water by itself is hydrating but the glycerin takes you to the next step.
What I can tell from these past few months of experimenting with different products, I would probably use the "glycerin rose water" for a little extra hydration while using a cleanser that somewhat dries my skin but is better for my oily skin. Then I would use the "rose water with NO glycerin" if I were using a cream or oil cleanser so that I don't over hydrate my oily skin which will make it oilier. 
These are just guesses from my personal experiences. I'm sure the amount of other products I'm using and other factors will make a difference too.

While the glycerin rose water smelled sweet, the regular rose water smells like, well, rose water. Like a vase of roses in water, imagine pouring out that water. I definitely prefer the glycerin rose water.

One bottle lasted me a whole month but it can probably last between a couple weeks to a month and a half depending on how it's used. Other than a toner, it can be used for rehydrating the skin and hydrating your hair! I've used it in my hair a few times when it feels a bit dry and it seems my hair likes roses.

I'll likely try other toners for more experimentation but I definitely enjoyed using this as my first toner.

5 out of 5!

Thank you for reading!
Drink some water, take a breath, and take care!
Lorina xoxo

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