Dec 14, 2015

Good Vibes Pt 1 - Feeling Beautiful is a Mindset

, and it's not a requirement.

There is no one way to be beautiful no matter what you may hear or see around you. Regardless of how popular a certain look may be, you don't need to change to be beautiful. You can create your own meaning because it's very possible and very real to feel beautiful regardless of how you look or how you feel about yourself.

Someone else's standards of beauty doesn't have to dictate how you see and feel about yourself and you don't need someone else to tell you you're beautiful before you start believing it. Only you can change the way you feel about yourself and it's very worthwhile to be able to control that.

Instead of getting stuck on not liking yourself, try celebrating with people who have found beauty in themselves even though they have been belittled for their differencesThat will allow our minds to open up to our individualism and see that we can be perfectly happy as we are without bringing others down.

But it's also not a requirement to feel beautiful.

Your relationship with yourself is the most important one you'll have, and while feeling beautiful can be great, there's more to your life than how you look. I encourage you to place importance on your health and happiness, who you are, your relationships, your interests, and where you want to be.

 There's simply more to do and enjoy in life.

Also, it's okay not to be interested in beauty at all. We're all far too different to think alike or want the same things. Just be kind to others and to yourself. We're all complex people struggling with what life throws at us. At the core, let's all simply accept and respect our differences. A little kindness makes everything better.

Lorina xoxo

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