Dec 9, 2015

Welcome to Opal Jelly!

My name is Lorina, previously blogging on April Fool Romance! I used that name for more than a handful of years and I feel that I've outgrown it, but also, I have been wanting to start over. Blogging as a hobby had become cluttered and forced with no passion but I'm revitalized and ready to share again!

Originally, I began blogging for fun and for people like me. I wanted to be the puzzle piece that didn't quite fit in with other bloggers that are conventionally beautiful. I wanted to be an example that not fitting today's standards of beauty doesn't mean you can't feel beautiful or confident. I was still learning that myself, using my blog almost to create something like a support group or safe place.
Somewhere along the way I got caught up with appearances and lost myself and my drive.

Here, I want to have a positive atmosphere for self care, self love, and healing. So I'll occasionally post a few words of encouragement, cause sometimes it's in the random moments when we need them. Other than that, my blog will consist of stuff that I want to show everyone and I'll have fun again in the personal space I've created.

I hope you enjoy my posts and I look forward to sharing with you!

Drink some water, take a breath, and take care!
Lorina xoxo

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