Jan 7, 2016

Good Vibes Pt 2 - The Tiger and the Tree

One of my 2016 resolutions is to not compare my life and progress to someone else. I've been trying to do this for years but I've constantly slipped away from it. (It's like I enjoy hating myself and being miserable, lol.) Concentrating and making this into a natural habit would allow me to turn around my outlook on myself and truly celebrate others instead of selfishly and impatiently wishing I could just get ahead already.

No one is going through life the same way, nor do they start the same way. We're all born with different advantages and disadvantages we have to work with. It's unfair for us to compare our lives and strengths to each other, but I know very well how difficult it is to look at someone else's life and just take a huge sigh, wanting something completely out of reach from your life's limitations.

Currently one of my favorite sayings that I've seen float around online is something that spoke of flowers and christmas lights and how they are very different but their differences don't take away either's beauty. They related this to people to encourage them not to compare and belittle one another's appearances.

I found it very mind opening and wanted to apply it to strength and progress in life. Immediately I thought of a tiger and a tree. Both are very strong but they came into the world differently and became strong differently. They'll have very little similarities but the biggest one is that they are alive on this earth standing strong against what life throws at them with what they've naturally learned in their own separate paths. Yet at some point they'll meet and may be of use to one another.

Whether you're a tiger or a tree, or anything else you feel connected to, let's learn to embrace our unique progress. Your life will create it's own inspirations.

Lorina xoxo

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