Jan 7, 2016

Sweety Milky Blue Circle Lens Review

~ This review is based on my own opinions and experiences. ~

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Here goes my first circle lens review on my new blog! It'll follow the basic layout that I've done for years and as usual, try my best to provide you the most information to help you get a better idea of what these lenses are like from my experiences :]

This time Uniqso added a face mask to my order but I skipped out on using it cause sometimes I get a reaction from fruit products on my skin. Even if there's no real strawberry in it, I'd rather not chance it.

So, onto the lenses! They come in a small rectangular box and in packets instead of vials. They're just as safe since the foil is thick and tightly fixed to the plastic. Just be slow and careful cause if you force it too quickly the lens may slip out and onto the floor. Also, I prefer this to vials cause those can be difficult to open and I've cut myself a few times on the metal rim, lol.
The inside of the box are instructions on lens care in English which is awesome!

Lens Care + Info
As per usual, the lenses come with a free lens case. Always soak your lenses in contact solution over night before wearing them! If you go to Uniqso, they offer a couple guides on lens care and I urge you to read them even if you've been wearing lenses for awhile just to freshen up your memory and make sure you're practicing proper lens care: Guide 1, Guide 2.

Available from PLANO to -7.00
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 40%
Life Span: 12 months
Diameter: 14.5 mm


Color + Pattern
As an opaque lens, they come out a medium to dark blue on my dark brown irises that can appear somewhat grayish in certain lighting. There's a slight gradient from black pixels, blue, to a salmon-like color in the center. My husband said it was neat how it looked kind of pinkish in the center!
The pattern aims to imitate a natural iris but the center color throws the naturalness off. 
I've noticed around 6 hours of wear I can feel them drying up. Otherwise, they don't feel thick or heavy to wear.

At 14.5 mm, these are nearly an average size for me. They're slightly bigger as you can see above so these don't give a dolly effect unless you have smaller irises but most of the time I prefer lenses this size! 
This is a beautiful lens! I love the medium tone of blue and pattern as I tend to like the more natural lenses. It's too bad that they dry out in 6 hours for me but I shouldn't be wearing them for too long anyways. 

Thanks for reading!
Drink some water, take a breath, and take care!
Lorina xoxo

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